Posted on August 16, 2016


Contact Support for more information or to obtain the source code for AEM forms app.

Issues fixed in the QF

  • AEM forms iOS app performance issue with startpoint. (Ref# NPR-12169)
  • Poor scrolling behavior in AEM Forms app. (Ref# NPR-12170)
  • Task Dialog box causes AEM Forms Mobile app to hang. (Ref# NPR-12270)

Prerequisites to installing the QF

  • AEM 6.2 Forms or AEM 6.1 forms feature pack 1

Building AEM forms app

  1. Contact support to obtain the source code archive for AEM forms app.
  2. Follow the instructions for your operating system to build AEM forms app:
    • Set up Visual Studio project and build Windows app
    • Set up Xcode project and build iOS app
    • Set up Eclipse project and build Android app

Turn on prefilled form caching for each sync

AEM Forms app caches prefilled forms and tasks when it syncs with the AEM Forms server. Prefilled forms and tasks have a prefill service configured that pre-populates certain form fields. There is no mechanism in place to identify if the prefill service is modified, and the pre-populated form data has changed. So the AEM Forms app re-caches prefilled forms and tasks every time app syncs with the AEM Forms server. However, re-caching prefilled forms every time impacts app performance.

Using Cache prefilled forms and tasks with each sync setting, you can let the app cache prefilled forms and tasks only the first time. By default, the setting is turned off. When the setting is turned off, prefilled forms and tasks are cached only the first time app syncs with the server to improve app performance. When Cache prefilled forms and tasks with each sync setting is turned on, prefilled forms and tasks are re-cached every time AEM Forms app syncs with the AEM Forms server.

Typically, users are not expected to change prefilled data in a form. Therefore, in most of the cases, if the app does not cache prefilled forms every time the app syncs with the server, data loss is not expected and helps improve app performance. 

Turning on or off caching of prefilled forms

Impacted modules

  • AEM Forms app

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