The following individual hotfixes are available for AEM 6.2 Forms JEE. However, they are now included in the patches for multiple components. It is recommended to install the latest patch for mutiple components to get these hotfixes along with several other fixed issues from multiple components. For more information, see AEM 6.2 Forms JEE patches for multiple components.


Hotfix Fixes Prerequisites / Notes
  • Improperly embedded fonts in merged PDFs cause large sized files. (Ref# NPR-11694)
  • AEM 6.2 Forms


Hotfix Fixes Prerequisites / Notes
  • Support provided in Datacapture Interface in Core to list CM letters for workbench. (Ref# NPR-11753)
AEM 6.2 Forms

Process management

Hotfix Fixes Prerequisites / Notes
  • When a user submits a PDF rendered HTML5 form, irrelevant pop up appears asking the user to resubmit the form. (Ref# NPR-10915)
  •  'object is null or undefined' error encountered when using 'Search Templates'. (Ref# NPR-10916)
  • When 'Search Templates' option is used to look up tasks, Save/Submit buttons disappear for returned tasks after a fraction of seconds in HTML workspace. (Ref# NPR-10917)
  • Users unable to start a process when the user saves a draft of the startpoint with a custom name and later submits it. (Ref# NPR-10918)
  • HTML Workspace "Select save Draft " functionality not working. (Ref# NPR-10919)
  • 'Blank form submit' Issues in HTML workspace. (Ref# NPR-11472)