AR is a brand new medium. Learn what it is, what led us here, where we are now, & where we are headed.

Introduction to Augmented Reality

Understanding Augmented Reality and the unique potential of the medium. 

What you learned: An introduction to augmented reality.

  • Augmented reality combines the real, physical world with an additional digital layer. The potential uses are endless.
  • We are witnessing the birth of a new medium and you can take part in its evolution.
  • The AR software landscape has totally changed in the last few years. With Adobe Aero, you can create a wide range of augmented reality experiences without a single line of code.

AR’s Unique Capabilities & Considerations

Learn the unique capabilities, constraints, & opportunities of augmented reality.

What you learned: The unique capabilities and considerations of augmented reality.

  • Context is an important tool in AR.
  • Image anchors allow you to attach a digital experience to a specific image in the real world.
  • Our brains are built to understand spatial relationships, which makes scale and proximity two really powerful tools in AR.
  • Location-based experiences allow you to anchor an AR experience to a specific GPS location.
  • AR experiences created with Aero are viewed through a mobile device, either a phone or a tablet. These devices only have a certain amount of screen real estate, so it’s essential to keep that in mind when you’re designing.
  • Optimization is a key part of designing successful AR experiences since processing power is limited on mobile devices. 
  • Directing the eye in 3D space has unique challenges, but we have tons of preexisting visual design principles to help guide the way.
  • Audio is an important part of immersive experiences. It can be used to direct attention, give additional information (about objects or an environment), respond to participants (when they interact), and is an easy way to bring emotion to a piece. 
  • Interaction creates an opportunity for deeper connections with your audience. It’s one of the key things that makes AR different from passive mediums, like film.
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