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What's new in Adobe Aero

Learn what's new in the latest release of Aero.

July 2023 release

Dark Mode

Dark mode is now enabled by default on desktop. You can switch between light and dark mode in Aero’s preferences.

Mask Objects

Set any imported, non-animated 3D asset as a mask object. Mask objects aren’t visible to viewers and block any other assets that are behind it. You can use mask objects to create holes in the groud or basic portals.

Reference Objects

Set any imported 3D asset to be a reference object. Reference objects are visible when creating and previewing in Aero but are not included when your scene is shared.

Per-asset Shadow Controls

Choose if an asset casts shadows, receives shadow, casts AND receives shadows or neither! These new object properties help create more realistic AR experiences.

October 2022 release

iOS version 2.18, Desktop version 0.18

Previous releases of Aero

Aero player (beta) on Android

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