Feature summary | Adobe Aero (2020 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in June 2020 and other 2020 releases of Aero.

New Features in Adobe Aero 1.5

The June 2020 release of Aero has the following enhancements:

Scene graph

Scene graph

You can view all the contents in the 3D scene in Aero’s scene graph interface. You can also easily rename, delete, and lock assets, make targeted selections, and toggle visibility. To open the scene graph in Edit mode, tap the icon on the lower right corner of the screen. 

For more information on scene graph, see Place digital assets and edit the scene.

Add audio

Spatial audio

You can now add audio to assets and create richer, expressive, and more immersive AR experiences.

To activate the audio in your digital assets, see Add audio.

3D gizmo

3D gizmo

Use 3D gizmo to select and interact with objects in the scene. You can select an object and tap on the individual tool icons to move, scale, or rotate the object with precision. The gizmo handle represents the X, Y, and Z, axes and are color coded for better user interaction.

For more information on 3D gizmo, see Place digital assets and edit the scene.


New features in Adobe Aero 1.4

The March 2020 release of Aero has the following enhancements:

Manage conflicting edits in cloud documents


You can seamlessly co-edit your cloud documents on multiple devices. When you open a cloud document on a second device after editing it on a primary device, a dialog box appears on the second device that prompts you to accept the changes. When you choose to accept the changes that have been made on the primary device, the experience reloads with the newer version on the second device.

For more information on cloud documents, see Work with cloud documents.

Move, scale, and rotate options


In the Edit mode, when you select one or more objects, the toolbar shows new options to move, scale, and rotate. The improved toolbar with sliders and text input helps you control the position, size, and orientation of assets with ease.

Use the new Autoscale feature to import an asset into the screen and watch Aero automatically adjust the size of the assets to fit into the screen view. You can also change the asset size to its original dimension, or lock the aspect ratio of the asset.

For more information, see Place digital assets and edit scene.

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