Definition of events

Counter events: The most common type of event. They can only be defined in the variable. Counter events can have an assigned positive integer value if the code version is H23.2 or higher. These events are often used to measure success or conversion.

Incrementor events: Used when passing in values greater than one is desired. Versions H23.2 and later provide little use for incrementor events unless decimal numbers are desired.

Currency events: Used for passing monetary values; acts similarly to an extra revenue metric in reporting. Currency events use currency conversion, whereas incrementor events do not. Currency events are useful to track more currency metrics, such as tax, shipping cost, or gift card revenue.

Implementation examples

// A simple counter event that increments by 1:"event1";

// A counter event that counts multiple instances:"event2=5";

// An incrementor event can be implemented one of two ways.
// Method 1:
// Method 2:"event5=6.75";

// A currency event can be implemented one of two ways:
// Method 1:
//Method 2:"event6=4.99";


If a product-specific event is triggered using the products variable, then that event must be set with the events variable. If this method is not used, the event is filtered out during processing. For more information, reference the documentation links below: