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Why there is difference in data, when user uses “Does not” in Include and “Does” with exclude in Segment builder?


The condition operators affect the condition itself, which primarily are hit based (exceptions are present). The exclude/include affect based on the container level - hit/visit/visitor.
Just wanted to share information with example about the difference in the below segments when they are mostly assumed to provide same results.

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User-added image

* Rule 1 - When INCLUDE is used, it can be imagined that it has pile of data. Then from that pile, data is getting selected based on the condition.
* Rule 2 - When EXCLUDE is used, it can be imagined that it already has all the data selected. Then data is getting excluded depending on the condition. The remaining data will be included.
* Rule 3 - Even if Visit container is used like VISIT (Page = A) then also Page =A, will be evaluated for each Hit.


For example, there are 4 visits with the following pages seen:

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(All below segments on VISIT container)
Segment 1: INCLUDE (Page = A) - Visit 1, Visit 3 and Visit 4.
Segment 2: INCLUDE (Page!= A) - Visit 1, Visit 2, Visit 4 (Visit 1 and Visit 4 is included because there are Hits where Page!= A (Rule 3)).
Segment 3: EXCLUDE (Page = A) - Only Visit 2 included - Visit 1, 3, 4 excluded.
Segment 4: EXCLUDE (Page!= A) - Only Visit 3 included (Visit 1, Visit 2, Visit 4 is excluded because there are Hits where Page!=A (Rule 3)).
That is the reason, Why Segment 1 is not equal to Segment 4.