To interact with Adobe Campaign Customer Care, it is required that users be declared as Supported Users in Campaign’s Support Portal – Extranet. Adobe Campaign Supported Users can now be set-up by our Customers.

Supported User Types

Operators can be defined as one of the following:

  1. Customer
    Applies if the Supported User is only to be set for a single company
  2. Partner
    Applies to a Supported User for multiple companies.
    Partners currently cannot add Supported Users


Before getting started, ensure that you have already been declared a Customer Supported User for a single Company and have access to Extranet. Once you have a login, you can create new Supported Users (known as ‘Operators’) directly in the Extranet Portal.

Create New Operator

To add a new Supported User for your Company:

  1. Login to Extranet –
  2. On the home page, select Create New Operator
  3. Fill in the fields:  
        Name: Name of the User
        Email: Email of the User
        Language: Preferred Language
        Login: Login ID of the User – Recommended to be the same as the user's email
        Description: Information about the User (Phone Number, Role, etc.)
  4. Click Create

Once successful, the Operator is created and an email with a temporary password is delivered to the user at the email specified. Users have 24 hours to log in and reset their password before it expires.


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