What is the value of Creative Cloud for enterprise?

Creative Cloud for enterprise provides organizations with the critical content velocity they need to create, source, manage, and deliver amazing content to audiences everywhere.

What is included with Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise?

Creative Apps, including the industry’s best apps such as Photoshop and InDesign as well as new mobile apps that let you design and capture inspiration anywhere and provide an extended design workflow across mobile and desktop form factors.

CreativeSync to intelligently sync files, fonts, photos, design assets, settings, metadata, Adobe Stock content and more across desktop, web and mobile apps, so that assets are instantly available in the right format wherever designers need them.

Creative Resources, including Adobe Stock images and videos, Typekit Web Fonts, and custom assets to further enhance workflows by allowing designers to access creative resources directly from within Creative apps.

Publishing mobile apps without writing code is now possible with Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (formerly Digital Publishing Solution). Integration with Marketing Cloud accelerates work between creative and marketing teams.

Enterprise Security of your intellectual property and creative content is achieved by encrypting all content at rest and in transit. With Creative Cloud for enterprise with managed services, your content is further protected by storing it behind your corporate firewall. Deploy software and services via Single Sign-On and take advantage of the User Management SDK to synchronize with existing directory systems, so that user changes are automated and the organization is in complete control of the accounts.

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Can my organization still purchase Creative Suite 6 (CS6) through a volume licensing program?

No; Creative Suite 6 is no longer available under any volume licensing programs. Creative Cloud is now Adobe's exclusive source for all creative licensing. Large organizations can purchase Creative Cloud for enterprise as part of an Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).

Organizations that do not qualify for an ETLA or are looking for more flexible licensing terms can purchase Creative Cloud for enterprise through the Value Incentive Plan (VIP) licensing program. Volume discounts are available.

Do the Creative Cloud applications run in the browser via streaming or a virtualization technology?

No. Creative Cloud apps are not streamed or virtualized in the cloud. The desktop applications are downloaded from Creative Cloud and are installed and run locally on the user's computer.

Do users in organizations need to be connected to the Internet at all times to use Creative Cloud?

No; users do not need to be connected to the Internet to use the downloaded Creative Cloud apps that are running locally on their desktops.

Can IT continue to package the Creative Cloud apps and services for deployment using existing deployment infrastructure?

Yes; IT packaging tools will continue to be provided for customization and packaging of the Creative Cloud apps and services. The packager will output Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) or Mac OS X PKG installers for enterprise deployment and imaging.

What if my organization doesn’t want to update as soon as Adobe releases new desktop applications via Creative Cloud for enterprise?

Your IT team has complete control over which apps, services, and features are packaged and deployed, and when. Versions can be vetted in production or via pilots before they are deployed across the organization.

Will Creative Cloud for enterprise work with bring your own device (BYOD) environments or for organizations that allow employees to work from home?

Yes; IT can use the Adobe Admin Console to manage users who work from home on computers not owned by the organization.

What type of storage does Creative Cloud for enterprise support?

Creative Cloud for enterprise supports multi-tenant storage. This hosting option supports data encryption, single sign-on, and granular control of services access. The amount of cloud storage available to each user depends on the membership you choose for your organization and the terms of your agreement.

Can IT administration teams enable/disable Creative Cloud for enterprise services?

Yes; Creative Cloud for enterprise offers IT teams the unique ability to turn services on or off by user or by group.

Does Creative Cloud for enterprise support Single-Sign On?

Yes. Creative Cloud for enterprise uniquely supports a range of user identification including Federated ID/Single Sign-On. Creative Cloud for enterprise integrates with a range of SAML2.0-compliant identity providers.

Is Creative Cloud a secure environment?

Yes; Creative Cloud is a secure environment, run on Amazon Web Services, following stringent security protocols needed to protect an enterprise environment.

To learn in-depth about the security procedures and protocols from Adobe, please read the Adobe Creative Cloud security white paper and the security FAQ.