Crop PDF pages online

Use the Crop Pages tool to change the size of a page

A PDF with various page sizes can be made consistent by cropping pages. You can use the Crop Pages tool to adjust the visible page area.

Steps to crop PDF pages:

  1. Sign in to Acrobat online services with your Adobe ID and password or with your social (Facebook or Google) account.

  2. In the top navigation bar, select Edit > Crop Pages.

  3. To select the files that you want to crop, do one of the following, and then select Continue:

    • Choose a file from the Recents, Documents list, OneDrive, or Google Drive account.
    • Add a file from your computer or drag-and-drop the file onto the highlighted area.
    • You can also drag-and-drop a file to the Crop Pages tool on the Edit page.
  4. The selected file is open in Acrobat online, and the Crop Pages toolset is displayed on the left.

  5. Move the drag handles on the blue bounding box to crop the page. To apply the margins consistently across all pages, set the Trim Margins in the Page Settings option on the left, specify the Page Range and then select Crop

    Crop pages

  6. The changes are automatically saved, and the file is uploaded to Adobe Cloud.


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