Search options to find media

Learn about the different search options available to find your media files in Elements Organizer.

Visual similarity search

For search based on visual similarity, Elements Organizer uses information in the photo such as the color and shape of objects during search. Use visual search to quickly search images containing similar objects, colors, or shapes. You can also choose to specify the relative importance Elements Organizer should assign to colors and shapes when searching photos.

Visual similarity search options

Visual search helps you quickly identify similar photos for tagging. You can also create a Saved Search using the search results.

For more information , see Creating and editing Saved Searches.

In object search, you initially select the object in a photo that you want to define as the search object. Elements Organizer uses the search object to assign priority when searching photos.

For example, to search for photos containing your pet dog, select the face of your dog in one of the photos. When you search photos, Elements Organizer assigns a higher priority to photos containing your dog.

  1. Select the picture containing the object.

  2. From the Find menu, select By Visual Searches > Objects appearing in photos. The single image view is displayed with a marquee.

    Object defined for search selected using a marquee

  3. Drag and resize the marquee to select the object.

  4. Click Search Object.

    Scenes containing the object are displayed. The percentage similarity is displayed on each of the thumbnails.

  5. (Optional) To add more photos to refine your search, drag a photo to the Search bar.

  6. (Optional) To remove a photo from the search options, double-click the photo in the Search bar.

  7. (Optional) Use the Color-Shape slider to specify the relative importance Elements Organizer must assign to colors and shapes when searching pictures.

Duplicate photo search is especially useful in locating photographs shot in the multi-burst mode. Elements Organizer searches for and stacks photos based on their visual similarity and the time they were captured. You can then proceed to select images in the stacks or reclassify images.

  1. Select the album from the right pane in which you want to manage duplicate photos.

  2. From the Find menu, select By Visual Searches > Duplicate Photos. The search results are displayed.

    Duplicate Image Search

    Photos that did not have identical matches are found in the Unique Photos stack. You can drag-and-drop photos from this stack to any of the other stacks.

  3. Use the following options based on your requirements:

    • To reclassify photos in stacks, drag-and-drop the photos from one stack to another.

    • To stack related photos, select them, and click Stack.

    • To unstack Photos, select a photo stack, and click Unstack.

    • To expand a stack, right-click the stack, and select Expand Photos in Stack.

    • To collapse a stack, right-click any photo in an expanded stack, and select Collapse Photos in Stack.

    • To remove photos from a stack, right-click the photo, and select Remove Photo From Stack.

    • To specify the photo that must be displayed for a stack in the collapsed condition, right-click the photo, and select Set As Top Photo.

    • To delete photos, select them, and click Remove From Catalog.

    • To view any of the images in single image view, double-click that image.


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