Creative Cloud for enterprise Pro with Work Management Solutions

About the solution

Creative Cloud for enterprise Pro with Work Management Solutions is an all-in-one solution for creativity, content creation, and work management. The offering includes the following components, in addition to professional services and support.

Creative Cloud Pro

Stellar creative apps, services, and unlimited standard assets

Adobe Workfront

End-to-end work management and reporting tool

Assets Essentials

Easy, scalable asset management for creatives and marketers


Assets Essentials is an optional component. It may not be included in your license.

How to access the solution

As an administrator, you can access the solution using the Adobe Admin Console. The solution includes applications and services from both Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud. The apps and services might be deployed in separate Adobe Admin Consoles for your company. 

If deployment happens in two Admin Consoles, you must establish directory trusting between the two Adobe Admin Consoles. That way you will be able to add users, who need access to both Creative Cloud and Assets Essentials, to both product cards. Creative users will be able to access and work with assets stored in Assets Essentials directly from their Creative Cloud desktop app using Adobe Asset Link. For more details, see deployment types

Deploy the solution

As an administrator, perform the following steps to configure the solution:

  1. Plan your Creative Cloud deployment, and set up your organization. See enterprise admin guide

  2. Set up Adobe Workfront, add users, and configure proofing and blueprints.

  3. Administer Assets Essentials to set up user groups, create an initial folder structure, and manage permissions for folders. Optionally, you can configure metadata forms for assets.

  4. Configure Assets Essentials integrations with Workfront and Creative Cloud.


Skip steps 3 and 4 if Assets Essentials is not included in your license.

Creative users can install the following plug-ins for their Creative Cloud apps to work with Workfront and Assets Essentials seamlessly:

More solutions

Your license might include more Creative Cloud solutions. For more information, see the list below:

Working with the solution

You can access various parts of the solution depending on your entitlements in the Admin Console. Depending upon your role in the organization, see the following guides to get started:

Creative users:

Campaign managers and project managers:

Marketing managers:


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