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Asset Picker lets you search for one or more assets based on their MIME type. It also lets you fetch the associated metadata for these assets.

You can launch Asset Picker from a different context that provides a customizable view. You can pass Asset Type (Image/Video/Text) and Selection mode (Single/Multiple) as contextual information for Asset Picker, which remains intact throughout the selection.

Integrating Asset Picker

You can integrate Asset Picker with any web page by adding its URL http://<host>:<port>/aem/assetpicker to an IFrame, popup window, tab, and so on.

Communication Protocol

You can pass the following request parameters in a URL to launch Asset Picker in a particular context:

  • type: image/ text/ video
  • mode: single/ multiple selection
  • typeFilters: enable/disable

For example, pass the parameters in the following way:


Asset Picker uses the HTML5 Window.postMessage message to send data for the selected asset to the recipient. In addition, Asset Picker sends data and notification for operations performed on its interface (for example Done, Cancel, and other operations) in following format:                

Object {

 config: Object

  action: "done"

    data: Array[1]

      0: Object {

     img: "http://<host>:<port>/content/dam/geometrixx-outdoors/products/equipment/"

                   path: "/content/dam/geometrixx-outdoors/products/equipment/"

                            size: "93.7 KB" 

                            title: "Sparrow"

                            type: "video/quicktime"

                            url: "http://<host>:<port>/content/dam/geometrixx-outdoors/products/equipment/"

               . . . }

Using Asset Picker

  1. To access the Asset Picker interface, go to http://<host>:<port>/aem/assetpicker.

  2. Click the Browse icon to browse folders inside AEM Assets to select one or more assets at a particular search root path.

  3. Browse to the location of the desired asset and select the asset.

  4. If necessary, apply search filters to refine your search results and then click/tap the Filter icon from the toolbar.

  5. Click/tap the Board & Collections icon from the toolbar to search for assets within collections.

  6. After you select the required asset, click/tap the Confirm icon from the toolbar. The details of the asset appears on the Asset Picker interface.