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You can customize the HTML code and CSS file to provide a distinct organization-specific look and feel to AEM Forms app. For example, you can change the background color and height of tasks or Startpoints. The following example provides instructions to change:

  • display instructions in place of the description
  • number of display routes
  • background gradient color


  1. Open your project.

    • For iOS, open Capture.xcodeproj in Xcode
    • For Android, open the Android project in Eclipse. 
    • For Windows, open MWSWindows.sln in Visual Studio. 
  2. Navigate to the templates folder.

    • In Xcode, navigate to the Capture > www > wsmobile > js > runtime > templatesfolder.
    • In Eclipse, navigate to the assets > www > wsmobile > js > runtime > templatesfolder.
    • In Visual Studio, navigate to the MWSWindows > www > wsmobile > js > runtime > templates folder.
  3. Open the template.html file for editing.

  4. Locate the following string:

    <%if ( (task.description !== "") && (task.description !== null) && (typeof task.description !== null) && (typeof task.description !== 'undefined') ) {%>
                  	<div class="description_details">
                    	<%= task.description %>
                  <%} else 

    Replace it with <%.

  5. Locate the following code in the template.html file:

    <ul id="task_menu_list">
                                    <li class="approve" title="<%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[0]%>" data-routename="<%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[0]%>">
                                        <%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[0]%>
                                    <li class="reject last" title="<%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[1]%>" data-routename="<%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[1]%>">
                                        <%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[1]%>
  6. Comment the following line and save the file. 

    <%= task.availableCommands.directCommands[1]%>
  7. Navigate to the css folder.

    • In Xcode, navigate to Capture > www > wsmobile > css.
    • In Eclipse, navigate to assets > www > wsmobile > css.
    • In Visual Studio, navigate to MWSWindows > www > wsmobile > css.
  8. Open the _style.css file for editing.
  9. For Background image, change #323232 to #fff.

  10. Save the changes and close _style.css file.

  11. Open the AEM Forms app.

    The AEM Forms app now displays instructions instead of description. 

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