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AEM 6.4 Forms provides We.Finance reference site implementation to illustrate an approach to set up, create, and initiate multi-channel communications with customers using interactive communications capability of AEM Forms. It demonstrates the key feature of data integration to integrate AEM forms with Microsoft Dynamics.

We.Finance reference site demonstrates the use case for renewal of an auto insurance policy and follow-up communication from We.Finance to a customer. 

For more information about the use case depicted in the reference site, see We.Finance Auto Insurance Renewal reference site walkthrough.


Before you set up the reference site, ensure that you have the following:

  • A running instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to integrate with AEM Forms. To run the reference site, you import the sample data into the Microsoft Dynamics instance to prefill the interactive communication used in the reference site.
  • A running instance of AEM 6.4 beta with Forms add-on package. For more information, see Getting Started with the Beta and Installing and configuring AEM Forms
  • An SMTP service

Install reference site package

Download AEM Forms 6.4 Beta Reference Site package from Adobe prerelease site on your local file system and perform the following steps to upload and install the reference site package on AEM author and publish instances:

  1. Log in to the author instance as an administrator.

  2. Go to Tools > Deployment > Packages

  3. Click Upload Package, browse to select the downloaded package, and click Upload. After the package is uploaded, click Install.  

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 on the publish instance.

See Reference site package contents to know about the key building blocks of the reference site that get installed with the package.

Import sample data into Microsoft Dynamics

The reference site is configured to use customer and insurance policy records from Microsoft Dynamics. The reference site package installs a custom entity and sample records that you can import into Microsoft Dynamics to run the reference site. Perform the following steps to migrate and set up the sample data:

To import the custom entity:

  1. Download the solution package from http://[server]:[port]/content/aemforms-refsite-collaterals/we-finance/auto-insurance/ms-dynamics/ on your AEM author instance.

  2. In your Microsoft Dynamics instance, go to Settings > Solutions and click Import.

To import the customer and insurance policy records: 

  1. Download the We.Finance Customers.csv and We.Finance Auto Insurance Renewals.csv data files from the following locations on your AEM author instance:

    • http://[server]:[port/content/aemforms-refsite-collaterals/we-finance/auto-insurance/ms-dynamics/We.Finance Customers.csv
    • http://[server]:[port/content/aemforms-refsite-collaterals/we-finance/auto-insurance/ms-dynamics/We.Finance Auto Insurance Renewals.csv
  2. In your Microsoft Dynamics instance, do the following:

    • Go to Sales > We.Finance Customers and click Import
    • Go to Sales > We.Finance Auto Insurance and click Import

Configure OAuth cloud service for Microsoft Dynamics

You can configure the OAuth cloud service in AEM Forms to enable communication between AEM Forms and Microsoft Dynamics. Perform the following steps to configure the OAuth Cloud Service on AEM author and publish instances:

  1. On AEM author instance, go to Tools > Cloud Services > Data Sources > global. Click Refsite Dynamics Integration and open its properties.  

  2. Go to Microsoft Azure Active Directory account. Add the copied cloud service configuration URL in the Reply URL setting for your registered application. Save the configuration.

  3. In the Authentication Settings tab, specify Service Root, Client Id, Client Secret, and Resource URL for your Microsoft Dynamics instance. 

  4. Click Connect to OAuth that redirects to the  Microsoft Dynamics login page.

  5. Provide your login credentials. Once logged in, you are redirected to the AEM Forms cloud service configuration page.

  6. Click Save & Close. The cloud service configuration is saved. 

  7. Go to Forms > Data Integrations > We.Finance.   

  8. Select Auto Insurance (Dynamics) and click Edit. Microsoft Dynamics entities are listed under the Data Sources tab. Wait until all entities are fetched from Microsoft Dynamics and listed under the data sources tab.

  9. Select the AutoInsuranceRenewal entity and click Test Model Object

  10. In the input request section, specify the value for customer ID as “1” and click Test. The Output section displays the records fetched from Microsoft Dynamics for customer ID 1.

  11. Repeat steps 1-9 on the publish instance.

Configure Day CQ Link Externalizer Configuration

In AEM, Externalizer is an OSGI service that allows you to programmatically transform a resource path (for example, /path/to/my/page) into an external and absolute URL (for example, by prefixing the path with a pre-configured DNS. For more information, see Externalizing URLs.


Do not externalize to HTTPS URL if you are using self-signed certificate for SSL.

Also, use localhost instead of its host name for local server.

Perform the following steps on AEM author and publish instances: 

  1. Go to AEM Web Console Configuration page at http://[server]:[port]/system/console/configMgr.

  2. Find and click Day CQ Link Externalizer configuration to open it in edit mode.

  3. In the Domains field:   

    • On the author instance, specify a publish URL that can be accessed from an external system. For example, a host name or a publishing web server.
    • On the publish instance, specify both the author and publish URLs.
  4. On both author and publish instances, ensure that the local server URL is specified in the Domains field.

  5. Click Save. Wait for a while for all services to restart.

Configure Day CQ Mail Service

The reference site implementation requires emails to be sent to sample customers. Configure the Day CQ Mail Service for SMTP service details to send automated emails to the customers. See Configuring Email Notifications.

Perform the following steps to configure the mail service on the publish instance:

  1. Go to AEM Web Console Configuration page at http://[server]:[port]/system/console/configMgr. 

  2. Find and click Day CQ Mail Service to open it in edit mode.

  3. Provide SMTP server host name and port values.

  4. Click Save.

Adding Group Membership for CM Agent Role

Perform the following steps to add user Gloria as CM Agent Role in Group Membership: 

  1. Go to Tools > Security > Users.
  2. Search and click user Gloria Rios.
  3. On the User page, click Group tab.
  4. In Select Group Input, type cm-agent-users and select the group from the list.
  5. Click Save & Close button.

AEM 6.4 Reference site is now configured and ready for you to demonstrate it to reuse assets to implement your own use case.

Reference site package contents

The reference site package deploys the following assets on AEM instance. You can review them to understand how they are created and configured for the reference site to function.

Assets Navigation path Description
Interactive Communication Forms > Forms & Documents > We.Finance > Auto
Insurance > Auto Insurance Renewal
Policy renewal document that goes to the customer
layout template
Forms > Forms & Documents > We.Finance > Auto
Insurance > Basic04_recording.xdp
Layout template for the print channel of the policy renewal document
layout template
Forms > Forms & Documents > We.Finance > Auto
Insurance > Table.xdp
Layout for table used in the Interactive Communication
data model
Forms > Data Integrations > We.Finance > Auto 
Insurance (Dynamics)
Form data model that uses configured Microsoft Dynamics instance as data source
cloud service
Tools > Cloud Services > Data Sources > global >  Refsite Dynamics Integration Cloud service configuration to integrate Microsoft Dynamics service in AEM Forms
Theme Forms > Themes > Insurance_Theme_Premium Theme for the style for policy renewal document
Forms > we-finance > AutoInsurance Fragments for building the Interactive Communication
AEM workflow
Tools > Workflow > Models > We.Finance Auto Insurance Renewal AEM workflow for business logic in the reference site implementation

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