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An Experience Fragment is a group of one or more components including content and layout that can be referenced within pages. Experience fragments can contain any component, such as, one or multiple components that can contain anything within a paragraph system, that will be referenced into the complete experience or requested by a third endpoint.

To learn more about Experience Fragments, click here.

Using Experience Fragments in AEM Screens


The following example uses We.Retail as a demo project.

The following workflow describes the steps to use experience fragments in an AEM Screens project:

  1. Creating a demo project

    1. Click Screens and select Create --> Create Project to create a new project. 
    2. Select Screens from the Create Screens Project wizard.
    3. Enter the Title as DemoProject.
    4. Click Create.
  2. Creating a channel

    1. Navigate to the DemoProject you created and select the Channels folder.
    2. Click Create from the action bar (see the figure below). A wizard will open.
    3. Choose the Sequence Channel and click Next.
    4. Enter the Title as Test_Channel and click Create.
  3. Editing a page under Sites

    1. Navigate to Sites --> We.Retail.
    2. Navigate to the Equipment page, for example, We.Retail --> United States --> English --> Equipment.
    3. Select the page as shown in the figure below and click Edit from the action bar.


    The example uses one of the We.Retail pages in sites as an experience fragment.

  4. Adding Layout Container in the channel editor

    1. Click the + icon on the left side rail to view the available components.
    2. Drag and drop the Layout Container to a desired section of the page.
    3. Drag and drop the components on the page to the layout container you just embedded in the page.
  5. Adding content to the layout container and creating a new experience fragment

    1. Select the layout container with added components.
    2. Click the icon (as shown in the figure below).
    3. Choose the Fragment path.
    4. Enter the Fragment title as LatestFragment.
    5. Choose the We.Retail template from the Template.
    6. Click the check mark from the action bar of the dialog box.
  6. Adding Experience Fragment to the channel in your DemoProject

    1. Navigate to the DemoProject (created in Step 1).
    2. Select the Test_Channel and click edit from the action bar to open the editor.
    3. Click the + icon from the side rail to add the component.
    4. Drag and drop the Experience Fragment.
    5. Select the component and open the dialog box to select the path to the fragment.
    6. Choose the LatestFragment and click Select.

    You have added an experience fragment to your project.