CQ 5.5 Release: Changes in Installation & Configuraton

How to change admin password?

In CQ 5.5 the admin password has to be changed only once in the repository.

  1. Go to /libs/granite/security/content/admin.html
  2. Select the admin user and klick the pencil symbol to edit
  3. Change the password and save

It's no longer necessary to change the admin password for CQSE and in the Felix Console.

How to change default port?

Change the file name of the quickstart to contain the port number.

New in CQ 5.5 it requires a prefix -p before the port number: Example: cq-quickstart-5.5.0-publish-p4503.jar to start the server as publish on port 4503


How to start/stop from command line?

Follow these instructions for a clean installation:

  1. Use the -unpack option to extract the CQ5 installation without starting the server:
    java -server -jar cq-quickstart-5.5.0.jar -unpack
  2. In the extract folders there is a crx-quickstart/bin folder that contains a start and stop script for Windows or Unix based systems.
  3. Edit the start (on Unix) or start.bat (Windows) to change the runmode, port number and java memory settings.

How to start WAR deployment as publish instance?

CQ 5.5 is also available as single WAR file for Web Application Server deployments.

The WAR file is preconfigured to start as author instance. Follow these steps to change the runmode to publish:

  1. Unpack the web.xml from the war file
  2. Edit web.xml and change run mode parameter to publish
  3. Repack web.xml into the war file
  4. Deploy the war file in the web application server container

How to upgrade to CQ 5.5

Existing sites that are running with the Quickstart installation of CQ 5.3 and CQ 5.4 can be upgraded to CQ 5.5 with following steps:

  1. Create a copy of the production instances (author and publish). For example with the CRX backup tool.
  2. Extract the backups in a testing environment
  3. Start the instances as is and disable the replication agents - in order to avoid unnecessary interference with the production environment
  4. Stop the instances and replace the Quickstart jar with the version from 5.5
  5. Start the instances
  6. The Quickstart will detect that there is an older repository version present and will run the upgrade process. This might take a few minutes. It is recommended to "watch" the log files during the 1st startup.
  7. Change the replication agents configuration to point to your testing environment.

New default path to access DAM assets via WebDAV

To access and modify DAM assets via WebDAV, use the path /content/dam to locate the assets in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

Versions prior CQ 5.5 had the DAM assets located in /var/dam. This folder is no longer used.


Pages are not completely loaded on publish after upgrade from previous CQ5 version

Problem: After the upgrade of site to CQ 5.5, pages are only partly loaded or look broken when accessed over the publish server.

Solution: Please check if all resources for the site, that includes: CSS, JS, Flash, images are loaded correctly from the server and do not result in a HTTP 404 (Resource not found).

CQ 5.5 per default restricts access to certain locations in the repository on a publish server. If the site requests resources in these locations, they will not be loaded and result in a 404. We recommend moving these resources to publicly available locations in the repository.

The anonymous web site visitor has no access to following paths in CQ 5.5:

  • /apps
  • /libs
  • /home

It is recommended to place public accessible resources in:

  • /content
  • /etc/designs

How to deploy a custom LoginModule?

Custom LoginModules are deployed as OSGi fragment bundles in CQ 5.5. This is due to changes in the way the CRX Content Repository is deployed.

  • Wrap the LoginModule into a fragment bundle
  • Use the Fragment-Host: com.day.crx.sling.server
  • Bundle should have StartLevel 15
  • The bundle must be present at startup time in order to work, so you have to restart the CQ instance after uploading it.

Applies to

CQ 5.5


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