Explore a variety of methods for making selections in your projects to make creating and editing faster and easier.

What you learned: How to select content using a variety of tools and methods

In order to edit your artwork, you’ll need to be able to select it. You’ll learn how to select artwork in a variety of ways, including selecting content with similar appearance properties, adding or removing from a selection, isolating content, and more.

Select similar content

  • To select content that shares formatting, select content with the Selection tool, then choose Select > Same > attribute (Fill Color, for instance).

Add or remove from the selection

  • To deselect content or add content to a selection, press the Shift key and click the content.

Enter Isolation mode to focus on the content

  • Double-click the content to enter Isolation mode so you cannot select other artwork and can focus on the selected content.

Easily select multiple anchor points

  • To select a series of anchor points, select the Lasso tool in the Tools panel and drag around the anchor points.

View outlines to select artwork easier

  • To make it easier to select the content, choose View > Outline to temporarily strip the artwork to black strokes and remove the fills.

Select content from the Layers panel

  • To select content from the Layers panel, click Locate Object at the bottom of the Layers panel to reveal selected content in the layers.
  • To select content in the document, click the selection column to the far right of the layer name in the Layers panel.


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Presenter: Brian Wood

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