After you place artwork or text in a frame, you can still move or resize the frame, the contents within the frame, or both.

1. Resize only the frame

To resize the frame but not the artwork, choose the Selection tool and drag a corner handle of the frame.

Resize only the frame

2. Resize the artwork, but not the frame

Click the frame with the Selection tool. The Content Grabber icon appears in the center. Drag the Content Grabber to move the artwork inside the frame.

To resize the art, click the Content Grabber. A brown frame appears around the artwork. Shift-drag a corner handle of this frame to resize the artwork proportionately.    

Resize the artwork only

3. Resize the artwork and the frame

Select the frame and select Auto-Fit in the Control panel. Shift-drag a corner handle of the frame to resize the frame and the artwork proportionately.

Resize the artwork and the frame

4. Resize a text frame to fit the text

To automatically reduce or expand a frame to fit the text inside it, select the frame, and then double-click any handle.

When the frame is too large for the amount of text, double-click any handle and the frame snaps to the end of the text.

Resize a text frame quickly

When the frame is too small, double-click any handle and the frame automatically expands.

Note: This shortcut works only if the overset text can fit on the page.

Automatically expand the frame
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