Get your photos into Lightroom Classic so you can view and edit them on your computer and mobile devices.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is now Adobe Lightroom Classic, with the same functionality and features. If you're looking for the all-new photography service, check out Lightroom.

Setup Lightroom on all your devices.

Add your photos to Lightroom and get set up to enjoy your photography anywhere, on all your devices. Here's how!

Import the photos stored on your computer or camera

In Lightroom Classic, view and organize your photos in the Library module. 

Click Import in the lower-left corner. If you don't see the Import button, make sure you are in the Library module.

The Import window will open.

Click the Import button in the Library module

Choose import settings

Locate photos to import in the Source panel on the left of the Import window. At the center-top choose Add to import photos from a computer or drive, or Copy to import photos from a camera memory card.

Choose import options on the right. When you import from a camera memory card you'll see more options, including Destination settings for choosing the location to which Lightroom copies photos during import.

Click Import at the bottom-right to import the checked photos and automatically return to the Library module.

Note: For more detail on the import experience, see Easily import photos.

Import settings

Create a collection to organize and sync your photos

A collection is a simple way to organize your photos—like a photo album. To access your photos on all your devices, add them to a collection.

In the left panel of the Library module click the New Collection icon (+) and choose Create Collection. In the Create Collection window make sure:

  • "Include selected photos" is not checked (you'll add them next)
  • "Sync with Lightroom on mobile" is checked (so your photos will be available on all your devices)

Click Create in the Create Collection window.

Creating a collection

Add photos to the collection you created

Drag from the center of a photo and drop it in your new collection in the Collections panel on the left.

You can add multiple photos at once by selecting them and then dragging from the center of one.

Clicking and dragging to add photos to the collection

See and edit your photos anywhere

Your collection automatically syncs, so your photos are available to organize, edit, and share from all your devices. 

See Get Started with Lightroom on mobile to learn more about editing and organizing anywhere.

Viewing photos on a smartphone
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