Reactivate Adobe account

Did you recently delete your Adobe account but changed your mind after deleting it? Learn how to restart or retrieve an Adobe account that you recently deleted.

You can reactivate your Adobe account simply by signing in again to your account. You must reactivate your account within 27 days from the day you deleted your account.

  1. In the sign-in screen, enter the email address of the account you want to retrieve and select Continue.

  2. Select Retrieve. Then enter your Adobe account password.

    Retrieve or reactivate deleted Adobe account

    Once your account is reactivated, you are directly signed in to your account.

Note: You can only reactivate an Adobe account if you signed in with a password. If the deleted account didn't have a password (that is, it was only linked with a social provider), then the only way to reactivate your Adobe account is by reaching out to the Adobe Customer Care.

What happens when you reactivate your account

When you reactivate or retrieve an Adobe account you previously deleted:

  • Your previous plan gets canceled and gets converted to a free membership.
  • You can continue to access your files and documents.
  • You can buy a new plan.

  Want to use a different payment method for your account? Learn how to update your payment method.


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