Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 (9.0.1) bug-fix update

The Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015 (9.0.1) bug-fix update is now available.

You can install the update through the Creative Cloud desktop application. You can also check for new updates from within any Adobe application by choosing Help > Updates. And, you can also manually download and install this update for Windows and Mac OS.

For details of all the other updates for Adobe professional video and audio applications, see this page.

If you want to ask questions about this update, come on over to the Adobe Media Encoder user-to-user forum. If you’d like to submit feature requests or bug reports, you can do so here.

Bugs fixed and changes made in this update

  • Fixed some issues that caused audio noise in exported files.
  • Set Start Timecode now handles switching between frame rates properly.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Lumetri Color Looks to not be not applied when sources were queued to Adobe Media Encoder from Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Choosing a custom Lumetri Look/LUT now works as expected.
  • The QuickTime Match Source (Rewrap) preset now works with DVCPRO source material containing 24P pulldown. 
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where After Effects could not queue to Adobe Media Encoder if it was installed in a custom location. 
  • Fixed a hang when exporting certain AVI files. 
  • Rescanning a watch folder for a new source no longer crashes Adobe Media Encoder. 
  • Improved performance when scrubbing sources with Name/Timecode overlays turned on. 
  • Queued items are no longer removed from the queue immediately after the export completes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some H.264 exports to be incorrectly flagged as having a variable frame rate.
  • Fixed some crashes and hangs when exporting to QuickTime wrapped IMX and ProRes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused random black frames in QuickTime wrapped XDCAM and IMX exports.
  • Fixed various minor user interface issues.
  • The SurCode encoder has been removed. The built-in Dolby exporter is used for this component instead. If you have previously purchased the full version of the SurCode plug-in, you will need to reinstall it after updating to Adobe Media Encoder 9.0.1

As of September 15 2017, Adobe Creative Cloud apps now rely on your operating system (OS) to decode/encode Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio formats. Adobe no longer bundles the native libraries from Dolby with Creative Cloud products.

For information about how this change affects Dolby audio playback in your product, see Adobe Creative Cloud apps use native OS support for Dolby.

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