Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder (version 12.x)

This document lists the customer reported issues that were fixed in each release.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 12.1.2

  • When you try to export a file to MXF DNx format, the audio tab of export dialog is missing the option for 12 Audio Channels.
  • When you export a file as animated GIF, the output file displays unwanted visual artifacts.
  • The Select option does not work when you use Lumetri Look/LUT effect in Export settings dialog.

Note: The name of the external Look/LUT file does not appear correctly in menu after selecting it, but the correct effect is applied in exported media.

  • The password cannot be saved and it does not display in Password text box when you select "Anybody with a password" option in Vimeo section.
  • In mac OS, Premiere Pro sequences with closed captions are shown as offline media when native rendering is turned off.
  • In some instances, low resolution outputs take longer to encode using hardware acceleration and can have flipped preview thumbnail during encode.
  • Better hardware encode tool tip is displayed when an unsupported OS version is used.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 12.1.1

  • In some instances, Adobe Media Encoder crashes on launch when loading Cool Type fonts. These fonts are prevented from loading further. 
  • PNG files containing Alpha are not displayed correctly with the default interpretation of Straight Alpha.
  • In some instances, when you export PNG frame sequence, frames are not superimposed together.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 12.1

Crashes, hangs, failed import, or export issues

  • Adobe Media Encoder crashes while exporting to OP1A codec with certain project files.
  • Adobe Media Encoder crashes when smart rendering QT-wrapped AVI files.
  • Exporting an After Effects composition within an XDCAM MXF source fails in Adobe Media Encoder.
  • MKV import does not work on Windows.
  • MXF files cannot be imported.
  • Unable to import HEVC source in mkv container.
  • opencl_runtime crashes macOs with NVIDIA GPU when encoding H.264 source to interlaced.
  • Most of the H.264 encodes fail with Android preset.
  • When you import a group of files, they are imported in a wrong frame rate.
  • H.264 shift or encodes frames entirely out of sequence.
  • XAVC encodes to 2 K or higher presets fail immediately.
  • Audio portion of certain ProRes MOV files in AAC audio fails to import causing an encode failure.
  • Sequence with nested sequence exports only the nested sequence.
  • Adobe Media Encoder quits unexpectedly after selecting or deselecting Use Camera Orientation option in RED R3D Source Settings dialog.
  • Adobe Media Encoder crashes when you press enter key after scrubbing timecode for a YouTube custom thumbnail frame.

Caption related issues

  • Burn-in Caption disappears in the middle of output video if you use parallel encode. 
  • EBU caption options are displayed on non-EBU media when an EBU preset is used.
  • Captions in a project do not show up in the timeline or on export.

Workflow and user interface related issues

  • Drag from Character Animator to Adobe Media Encoder results in a "source is empty" error.
  • Can't change Format/Preset for multiple jobs in the Queue panel. 
  • HEVC: Range of the bit rate option does not change in time as you switch the Tier option.
  • Incorrect Work Area is shown for a project.
  • Pop-up menus with System Context Menus are not scrollable.
  • In H.264 and HEVC, the sample rate option disappears after switching from SurCode into AAC or MPEG audio codec.

Publish related issues

  • Switching channels from the Channels menu in YouTube settings does not update the Status string until you close and reopen Export Settings dialog.
  • Twitter character limit has to increase to 280 instead of 140.
  • YouTube and other publish destinations timeout during login (HandleTokenRequest Error).
  • For better user experience, privacy options given in EXPORT Publish panel has to match with Facebook privacy options.

Miscellaneous issues

  • Preview window shows media pending message after reimporting valid output.
  • Blurry/pixelized file icons appear in media browser.
  • BMP and GIF format images are not supported as custom thumbnails for YouTube upload on Mac OS, but they are supported on Windows. 
  • [HEVC] two frame offsets with new HEVC codec.
  • XDCAMHD 422 vbv_delay overflows while smart rendering.
  • Encoding into MPEG-2 CBR generates blurry image few times a second.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 12.0.1

  • When you import an HEVC source file of a MOV container into Adobe Media Encoder, the import fails.
  • When you export an HEVC source file, the output does not retain the aspect ratio of the source file.
  • When you update the imported files, such as by adding a filename extension to the imported file, more data is not captured in Media Encoder.
  • When you export Premiere Pro sequence project files from Adobe Media Encoder, the pinned layers of animation lose their property and do not animate.
  • When you apply QuickTime Match Source preset for DNx source files, an exception occurs and the export workflow fails.
  • When you export files with H264 Match Source presets, the size and bit rate of exported files are larger than the size and bit rate of source.
  • In Preset drawings dialog, choose "Use Current" option from Custom Thumbnail settings. The dialog appears blank for a second and frame timecode resets to 00;00;00;00.
  • When you export a file using YouTube publish settings dialog with an authorized account, Publish Status dialog field displays a generic "logged in" status instead of displaying the name of the account holder.
  • In Export settings > Publish tag, password field in Vimeo settings does not appear when you choose "Viewable by anyone with a password" option.
  • When you export a Vimeo movie in mp4 format at 4096x572 from Baro escape ProRes4444 source at 6144X858, Adobe Media Encoder fails to export the file.
  • When you export any project using Adobe Media Encoder, the output video is rendered without burn-in captions.
  • When you enable "Burn Captions Into Video" and proceed with Adobe Media Encoder queue, sources with multiple tracks of embedded closed captions do not get the correct stream.
  • In Export settings > Captions tab, when you select Create SideCar file option, STL closed caption menu item does not appear in the File format menu.
  • Performance of DPX import process is not on par with other video applications.

Fixed issues in Adobe Media Encoder version 12.0

Bug fixes related to crash

  • Adobe Media Encoder CC could quit unexpectedly when exporting Premiere Pro projects to H.264 format.
  • You could see a message "Premiere Pro has encountered an error" while opening specific Premiere Pro projects.
  • You could see a crash or an error message saying "Error Compiling Movie" when you are exporting with the option "maximum render quality" on some MacBook systems which uses the hardware NVIDIA GeForce GT 650 M.
  • Sometimes while encoding into still formats Adobe Media Encoder hangs or shows an error.
  • On macOS 10.12, Media Encoder could crash on launch when user's home folder is on network.

Bug fixes related to failed media encoding

  • When you render with MAXON cinema 4D file source in composition, it could fail.
  • When you are encoding some XDCAM HD422 .MOV file, it could fail.
  • When you are encoding files that are in HEVC, it could fail the first time after clearing plug-in cache.
  • Adobe Media Encoder can't create render files within directories that don't exist, even though they are specifying these directories by default.
  • When exporting Premiere Pro project to QuickTime, it could fail.
  • You could experience memory-related issues while exporting specific Premiere Pro projects over 1-GB memory.
  • While working with queued projects, you could experience memory issues or Media Encoder could hang.
  • When you are using QuickTime format files in GV Stratus systems, media rendering could fail.

Bug fixes related to smart rendering

  • FIles rendered in the format XDCAM HD420 could skip a frame.
  • Files of the format XDCAM EX recorded from a Sony camera could fail to smart render.
  • Adobe Media Encoder could crash while rendering specific sequences on macOs.
  • Rendering of the files of format XDCAM could be slower than usual.

Bug fixes related to captioning

  • Output preview in export settings does not show captions when the "Burn Captions Into Video" settings are enabled.
  • When you enable "Burn Captions Into Video" setting, sources with multiple tracks of embedded closed captions do not get burned in.
  • "Embed Caption option" is shown for formats even though they do not support embedding caption.

Bug fixes related to audio

  • While using files of H.264 encoding formats with MPEG, audio could fail to render.
  • While importing files, some files could be imported without audio on the first launch after the install.

Other bug fixes

  • Issues related to offline media encoding for sequences with MPEG preview enabled.
  • You could view a black screen with video artifacts if video rendering setting is set to metal and you are rendering media with LUT preset option enabled.
  • Even when "Do not encode off line files" is chosen, Adobe media Encoder encodes the file.
  • When you are working on projects that have used export workflow from After Effects projects from Audition to Adobe Media Encoder, it could fail.
  • When you are working with 2880x2880 footage and use the 'Match Source' setting, Adobe Media Encoder could downgrade the format to 2304x2304.
  • Presets set to "Match Source" could show incorrect and blank settings in Preset Settings dialog.
  • License error could be shown while launching Adobe Media Encoder with custom location.
  • Field blending could happen when encoding interlaced footage in Adobe Media Encoder.
  • Color bleeding issues could be seen while exporting using the H.264 format with the match source setting enabled.
  • When you are encoding to DNxHR format, Adobe Media Encoder could display a wrong message that encoding is complete.
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