Blocking or unblocking profiles on Photoshop Express Discover

To avoid unwanted interactions on Photoshop Express Discover, you can block profiles by following the simple steps below. Know that when someone is blocked on Photoshop Express Discover you are also blocking their profile across some Adobe products with community features, such as Behance.

What happens when you block a profile?

  • The blocked profile owner can no longer view your profile, and you can no longer view theirs.
  • The blocked profile owner can no longer follow you (and vice versa).
  • The blocked profile’s content will no longer appear in your feed, and your content will no longer appear in theirs.
  • When a profile is blocked, the profile owner is not notified.

How to block someone

  • Go to the profile you’d like to block within Photoshop Express Discover.
  • Select the three-dots icon   in the top-right corner of their profile.
  • Select Block User.

You can also report the profile for abuse by checking the Also report checkbox.

How to unblock people

  • Navigate to your Photoshop Express profile by selecting your avatar in the top-right corner via the Discover tab.
  • On your profile, select the three-dots icon    in the top-right corner and select View Blocked Users.
  • Within your blocked user list, tap Unblock next to the profile you want to unblock.
  • When you block someone you’re following, you effectively unfollow them. If you choose to unblock a profile and want to follow them again, you must go to their profile and choose to Follow them.
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