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Internal vs External

The term "Internal" describes the group of userIDs within a common accountID.  These usersIDs are internal to the account, and settings that apply to internal users only apply to these userIDs.

All other email addresses are "External".


Many companies have multiple accounts.

Users from the same company (sharing the same domain in their email address), but not within the same accountID are external to each other

Account-level admins can obtain a complete list of internal email addresses by navigating to Account > Users and clicking the Export user list icon.

A CSV file is downloaded to your local system. That CSV enumerates the users in the account, including their current status.

Export the user list

Signer (Roles) vs. Recipient vs. Participant

Signer (or Approver, Acceptor, etc.) - An explicitly defined role for a recipient

  • All recipients have a role.

Recipient - Any email used to include someone in the "signature cycle" of the agreement.  Individuals that can interact with the agreement while it is in progress

  • Recipients are a sub-set of Participants.

Participant - Any email (individual) that is included in the transaction.  This consists of the sender, all recipients, and all CC'd parties.

Roles vs Recipients vs participants


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