How to use UserVoice to request new features and report bugs


Any feedback you share with Adobe is voluntary, and you give Adobe the rights to use your feedback without restrictions. All use of UserVoice must conform to Adobe Terms of Use and Adobe Privacy Policy.

Is Adobe Support Community and UserVoice different?

Adobe Support Community allows you to engage with the Adobe community of users and experts to get clarity on using the existing features, functionalities, and workflows of the Adobe products. They also help you find tips and tricks to get your tasks done more efficiently.

UserVoice is a third-party platform Adobe provides customers so they can submit feature requests and bug reports to the customer product teams.

How to submit useful feedback using UserVoice

When you provide feedback to Adobe Systems for both requesting features and reporting bugs, follow the guidelines below. For either features or bug reports, type the keywords for your submission in the submission title text field to trigger a search of already-submitted requests. If another user has submitted the same or a similar request, upvote theirs and add your own comments rather than submit a duplicate request.

While requesting a new feature

  1. When entering a new idea, use a brief but descriptive title.
  2. Select the most appropriate category in the Category drop-down list. This helps Adobe to classify, analyze, and respond faster to your submission.
  3. Enter a description of the feature. It can help to tell us what kind of user you are (for example, editor, designer, photographer, and so on) and what the feature you’re requesting would help you achieve.  (“I am an [user type], and I would like [feature] so that I can [desired result].”)
  4. If specific workflows or hardware configurations apply, be sure to describe them.
  5. If possible, attach an image or a short video to help us understand your request better.

When reporting a bug

  1. Select the most appropriate category in the Category drop-down list. This helps Adobe to classify, analyze, and respond faster to your submission.
  2. Provide a specific summary of the bug. “Premiere Pro crashes a lot” isn’t specific enough. "Every time I click a clip in a timeline with the effect panel open, Premiere Pro crashes" is more helpful.
  3. Tell us what the desired behavior or result was, and what behavior or result you got instead. Again, be specific. 
  4. Tell us whether this bug happened only once, or whether you were able to reproduce it after the first time it happened.
  5. Specify what version/ versions of our applications you’re using (copy the version number from the product’s About box), along with any third-party applications that are involved. 
  6. Give us all the details of the system where the problems occurred: hardware model, OS, OS version, and so forth.
  7. Give us detailed, step-by-step instructions for reproducing the issue (Screen shots or a quick movie of the onscreen actions really help). If you can’t provide the actual steps you took, give us all the details you remember or noticed that led up to the problem behavior. 
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