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The following content applies to North America (NA) only.

Tax-exempt orders in the U.S. and Canada

All orders placed in the U.S. and Canada are subject to sales tax. Adobe charges sales tax according to the ship-to location.

To remove the sales tax from your order, do the following:

  1. Get a resale or exemption certificate from the state or province to which your product will be shipped before you place an order. Letters from the IRS exempting you from federal tax do not qualify as sales-tax exemption certificates.

  2. If you have not placed the order yet, contact the sales team and share the tax exempt certificate. The sales team will help you get your ID tax exempted and will also place a tax exempt order for you.

    If you have already placed an order, contact the Adobe Customer Care team and share the tax exempt certificate.

If qualified, the tax is refunded in five to ten working days.


You cannot place a tax-exempt order on the Adobe Store. Contact Adobe Customer Care to place a tax-exempt direct order.

Proof of tax-exempt status

Adobe accepts the following items as proof of tax-exempt status:

  • Resale certificate
  • Multi-jurisdiction exemption certificate
  • Individual state exemption certificate
  • Exempt organization certificate
  • Direct pay permits
  • Manufacturing exempt certificate
  • Government tax-exempt credit card

Resale certificates

A resale certificate must indicate that a purchase is for resale. A purchase is for resale if:

  • It is for sale as is in your regular business operations
  • It is for sale as a physical part of another product
  • It is used for demonstration or display while holding it for sale in your business

A purchase is not for resale if:

  • You will use it rather than sell it.
  • You will use it before you sell it.
  • You will use it for personal purposes.

Tax-exemption or reseller certificate

A valid tax exemption or reseller certificate must include:

  • Name and address of Adobe
  • Name and address of the customer
  • A dated signature from the authorized customer representative
  • A description of products being purchased

It's necessary to complete all fields.

State-issued forms

A valid state-issued form must include:

  • Customer's name and address
  • Exemption certificate number
  • Date issued
  • State and agency issuing the exemption certificate

It's necessary to complete all fields.

Tax refunds

Tax exemption in Canada applies to PST for individuals in Ontario and to GST for government entities. If you contact the Canadian government for a tax refund, mention the following Adobe tax registration numbers (tax ID numbers):

  • GST: 892147950-RT
  • PST (Ontario): 6725-8743


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