The September 2020 update for After Effects provides the following updates:

This release also introduces fixes to crashing bugs, and improvements to general quality. For a list of issues fixed in this release, see Fixed issues in After Effects.

For known issues in this release, see Known issues in After Effects.

New features

May 2020 release (version 17.1)


Tapered shape strokes

Create round, wavy, and pointy shape strokes with the new parameters - Taper and Wave, and animate the strokes to create unique graphics.


Concentric shape repeaters

New parameters in the Offset Paths shape effect allow you to make copies of a path that radiate outward or inward enabling you to create unique background that have a retro vibe.


ProRes RAW import support

You can now import and edit ProRes RAW files in After Effects.


Automatically update audio devices (macOS only)

Set the Audio Hardware preferences on macOS to System Default to automatically switch to changes in the OS audio device settings, such as when connecting to USB.


Copy media to shared location

In Team Projects, you can now copy the project media to a shared location for multi-user access.


Enable collaboration on cloud documents 

Collaborate on shared projects while working remotely.

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