About the AIR Introspector

The Adobe AIR HTML/JavaScript Application Introspector (called the AIR HTML Introspector) provides useful features to assist HTML-based application development and debugging:

  • It includes an introspector tool that allows you to point to a user interface element in the application and see its markup and DOM properties.

  • It includes a console for sending objects references for introspection, and you can adjust property values and execute JavaScript code. You can also serialize objects to the console, which limits you from editing the data. You can also copy and save text from the console.

  • It includes a tree view for DOM properties and functions.

  • It lets you edit the attributes and text nodes for DOM elements.

  • It lists links, CSS styles, images, and JavaScript files loaded in your application.

  • It lets you view to the initial HTML source and the current markup source for the user interface.

  • It lets you access files in the application directory. (This feature is only available for the AIR HTML Introspector console opened for application sandbox. Not available for the consoles open for non-application sandbox content.)

  • It includes a viewer for XMLHttpRequest objects and their properties, including responseText and responseXML properties (when available).

  • You can search for matching text in the source code and files.

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