I need to enable Cross-Device Analytics (CDA). How can I proceed?

Contact support with the following information:

[All prerequisites must be met before following these steps. If all prerequisites are not met, the feature is not available or will not work. See the overview page and the desired stitching method (Field-based stitching or Device graph, respectively) for prerequisites and limitations].

  1. Your Adobe Experience Cloud org ID (An alphanumeric string ending with @AdobeOrg).

  2. The report suite ID for the cross-device report suite you want to enable with CDA.

  3. Which method of CDA do you want to use (field-based stitching, Adobe private graph, or Adobe co-op graph).

  4. If you intend to use field-based stitching, the prop or eVar that has the user ID.

  5. Your preference of replay frequency and lookback length. Options include a replay once a week with a 7-day lookback window or a replay every day with a 1-day lookback window.

  6. The default is a weekly replay with a 7-day lookback window. In this case, data within the last week is subject to change (as it is progressively being stitched and updated).

Once you provide Adobe support with this information; they will work with Adobe Engineering to enable your chosen report suite for CDA processing.