How can I remove my data stored in Adobe Analytics?

There are two ways to remove data stored in Adobe Analytics:

       Data Repair API:

  1. Data Repair API is available as an add-on for Analytics customers. Reach out to your CSM for provisioning Data Repair API.

  2. Data Repair API provides you with a way to delete or edit your existing Analytics data. The API offers you the ability to delete columns of data. Filters provide options for you to target specific values within a data column to make precise adjustments to your data. 

  3. While most data types and variables are available to repair or delete through this API, note that events/metrics, merchandising variables, and some other variable types are not available. Review the Job definition reference for a detailed list of the variables supported by the Data Repair API.

  4. Use of the Data Repair API permanently deletes or edits existing Adobe Analytics data. Adobe recommends that you take a careful approach when executing Data Repair API jobs to minimize accidental deletion or alteration of your data. Refer to this guide for all the details.

    Engineering Services engagement:

  1. For any customized requests, reach out to your CSM to engage Adobe’s Engineering Services team to scope the request and execute based on the feasibility.

  2. This might be a paid engagement.