This article lists the tasks that you should complete to implement Adobe Data Workbench.

Discovery and Requirements

The objective of this phase is to define your analytics goals and to gather requirements for the implementation.

This phase typically begins with understanding the data sources and business goals of the project. During this phase, your consultant or partner gathers the measurement requirements, maps them to the overall business goal, and suggests industry best practices.

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Requirement Gathering Discovery / Requirements

Installation and Provisioning

The objective of this phase is to provision the Data Workbench account and also addition of features from other marketing cloud solutions or core services identified during requirement gathering phase.

Following the discovery sessions, the the Data Workbench account and additional product features are provisioned by your consutant or implementation partner.

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Cluster Set-up - Managed Services

Cluster Set-up - Managed Services

Cluster Set-up - On-Premise

Cluster Set-up - On Premise

Client Set-up

Client Set-up


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Online Adobe Analytics Data Feed - Feed Set up

Your Adobe contact can help you set up and validate your Adobe Analytics data feed.

Schema Design - Countable structure

Dataset Schema


Countable Structure

Schema Design - Configuration Changes as per New Schema

Schema Design - Configuration Chang​es as per New Schema

Schema Design - Decoder creation

Decoder Groups


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Access control - User Acess Groups

Configure Access Control

Access control - Server Acess Groups

Server Access Groups

Errors and Alerts - Decoder Error Logging

Log File Properties

Errors and Alerts - Target Integration Autdit Log

Master Marketing Profile Export
Exporting to Analytics Core Services

Errors and Alerts - Administrative Alerts

Administrative Alerts

DWB Release Notes

DWB Release Notes

Server Upgrade

Upgrading Data Workbench

Configuration and Implementation

The objective of this phase is to implement Data Workbench and other Adobe Analytics Premium features, and ensure data is flowing to the appropriate reports as required.

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Data processing - Building Primary Key

Event Data Records
Building Primary Key

Data processing - Setting up Event Time

Event Data Records
Setting up Event Time

Data processing - Dimension Setup

Extended Dimensions
Dimension Setup

Data processing - Metric Setup

Metric Setup

Attribution -  Attribution Types

Attribution Types

Algorithmic Attribution - Best Fit Attribution

Best Fit Attribution

Checklist - Cluster Members in Access Control

Checklist - Access Control

Checklist - Processing Servers in Profile Configuration File

Checklist - Profile Configuration File

Checklist - Set up of Segment Export Servers

Checklist - Segment Export Servers

Checklist - Set up of Normalization Servers

Checklist - Normalization Servers

Checklist - Set up of cluster members in Addresses file

Checklist - Cluster Members in Addresses file

Checklist - Validation of internal and external FTP set up

Checklist - Validation of internal and external FTP

Checklist - Consistency of datafeeds for historical dates

Your Adobe contact can check the datafeed delivery status.

Scripting - Weekly re-processes

Weekly Re-Process

Scripting - Saint scrubber

Scripting - Saint Scrubber

Scripting - File Transfer governance

File Transfer governance

Report Server - Set Up

DWB Report Server Set Up

Query API - Set Up

Query API Setup

Query API - Basic Syntax

Query Language Syntax

Post Implementation

The objective of this phase is to ensure the clients are enabled on the day to day decision making with Adobe Data Workbench and Analytics Premium features.

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Workspaces and Visualizations - Change visualizations as per new schema

Analysis Visualizations
Configuration Changes as per New Schema

Workspaces and Visualizations - Derived Dimension Setup

Derived Dimension Setup

Workspaces and Visualizations - Metric Set Up

Metric Setup

Workspaces and Visualizations - Globe Visualization


Workspaces and Visualizations - Workspaces on Attribution

Rules-based Attribution
Best Fit Attribution

Workspaces and Visualizations - Predictive Workspaces

Predictive Workspaces

Predictive Intelligence - Clustering


Predictive Intelligence - Propensity Scoring

Propensity Scoring

Predictive Intelligence - Lift / Gain Chart

Lift / Gain Chart

Predictive Intelligence - Decision Trees

Decision Trees

Predictive Intelligence - Binomial Correlation

Binomial Correlation

Insight Dashboard - Set up and validation

Set up and validation

Implementation Resources

Data Workbench Managed Services Guide Managed Services Guide
Data Workbench Installation Guide On-Premise Installation Guide
Data Workbench Training Data Workbench Training

Additional resources