This article lists the tasks that you should complete to implement Adobe Analytics.

Discovery and Requirements

The objective of this phase is to define your analytics goals and to gather requirements for the implementation.

This phase typically begins with understanding the website and business goals of the website. During this phase, your consultant or partner gathers the measurement requirements, maps them to the overall business goal, and suggests industry best practices.

Task Document Links

Website Review

Website Review steps

Technical Questionnaire

Technical questionnaire document

Business Questionnaire

Business questionnaire document

Adobe Analytics Dashboards Guide

Adobe analytics dashboard fundamentals
Analysis Workspace Projects

Installation and Provisioning

Your Adobe contact will assist you during the Adobe Analytics provisioning phase. After provisioning is complete, your designated admin will receive an email with login credentials.

Task Document Links
Analytics provisioning Manage Product & Configurations - Admin Console

Initial login

Logging In to Reports & Analytics

Marketing Cloud activation (Customer Attributes, Audience Library)

Requirements for Marketing Cloud Id Service

Profiles & Audiences

Experience Cloud ID Services via Launch, by Adobe

Getting started with Launch, by Adobe


Basic workflow for Launch, by Adobe

Configuration and Implementation

This phase starts with pre-implementation steps such as documenting a solution design reference document and a Tech Spec. The solution design reference document contains the overview of website data layer, Launch elements/rules and Adobe Analytics variables. The Tech Spec is detailed documentation on how to implement each component of the solutions and how to validate them.

Creating the required reports suites, user access, variables, Launch tools and adding the Launch embed code on the website are also managed during this phase.

After the solution documentation is completed, your consultant or partner and your IT team engage in the actual implementation of the solution. Primary focus is to ensure harmony across data layers, Launch data elements, Launch rules, Adobe Analytics Variables and Reports. Followed by implementation will be validation of the same in both staging and production environment.

Depending on the requirements, appropriate data management initiatives such as data manipulation using processing rules, VISTA rules or bot rules will be implemented. Also necessary data import/export configurations will be implemented to address the requirements.

Task Document Links
Pre-implementation - Creating report suites with customsetup to match the requirement (App, Website, Online/Offline., etc) 

Report Suite Manager

Mobile Management Configuration

Pre-implementation - User Management

User Management

Pre-implementation - Identifying and configuring eVars

Variables definition & usage

Pre-implementation - Identifying and configuring props

Variables definition & usage

Pre-implementation - Identifying and configuring events

Variables definition & usage

Pre-implementation - Product, Tracking code and other pre-defined variables

Products variable definition & usage

Campaign variable and definition

Pre-implementation - Hierarchy and List variables

Variables definition & usage

Pre-implementation - Identifying DataLayer

Launch, by Adobe - getting started

Implementation - Variable configuration in Admin Console

Configure eVars
Configure success events
Configure props

Implementation - s_code/appmeasurement.js

Adobe analytics code manager

Implementation - Property setup in Launch

Launch, by Adobe - Create a property

Implementation - Data Layers

Datalayer for analytics implementation

Implementation - Data Elements

Launch, by Adobe - Data Elements


Implementation - Rules in Launch

Launch, by Adobe - Rules


Implementation - Embed code

Launch, by Adobe - Embed code

Implementation - ​Experience Cloud ID Service Launch, by Adobe - Experience Cloud ID Service
Implementation - ​Video milestone Video milestone
Implementation - Video heartbeat Video heartbeat

Implementation - QA (Using debuggers, Packet sniffers)

Adobe Debugger

Digitalpulse debugger

Data manipulation - Processing Rules

Processing rules

Data manipulation - Marketing Channel processing rules

Marketing Channel processing rules

Data manipulation - ​Context data variables Context data variables

Data manipulation - VISTA


Data manipulation - Bot Rule

Bot rule

Data manipulation - IP exclusion

IP exclusion

Data Import/Export - SAINT


Data Import/Export - Data Sources

Data Sources

Data Import/Export - Connectors


Data Import/Export - Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Data Import/Export - AdHoc Analysis

AdHoc Analysis

Data Import/Export - Report Builder

Report Builder

Data Import/Export - Data Extracts

Data Extracts


Click Map
Activity Map



Data Feed

Data Feed

Post Implementation

Your consultant or partner can help address the opportunities through data supported from Adobe Analytics and help you optimize your digital business.

This phase also includes enablement on various time saving features of Adobe Analytics such as report scheduler, workspace, and the Microsoft Excel report builder plug-in.

Task Document Links

Customizations - Custom and Pre-Defined reports

Adobe analytics report descriptions

Customizations - Custom and Pre-Defined metrics

Adobe analytics metric descriptions

Customizations - Menu structures

Adobe analytics menu descriptions

Customizations - Calculated metrics

Calculated metrics

Customizations - Dashboards


Customizations - Segmentation

Virtual Report Suites

Customizations - Alerts


Customizations - Bookmarks


Customizations - Workspace


Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Contribution Analysis

Contribution Analysis

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

​​Core Services Profiles and audience
Advance analysis Customer Attributes
Analytics and target integration A4T
Analytics and Campaign integration Genesis AC
Activation Triggers  for Adobe Campaign Triggers

Implementation Resources

The following resources will help you during the implementation process. Refer to these guides for additional details and product information.

Analytics Implementation Guide Implementation Guide
Analytics Implementation Training Implementation Training
Analytics Video Learning Video Learning

Additional resources