Conversion variables (eVars) allow Adobe Analytics to attribute success events to specific variable values. Sometimes, variables encounter more than one value before hitting a success event. For these cases, allocation determines which variable value gets credit for the event.

Allocation definitions


These definitions apply within context of the variable's expiration. Success events do not attribute credit to expired variable values.

Original Value (First): The first value seen gets full credit, no matter what subsequent values for that variable are.

Most Recent (Last): The last seen value gets full credit for the success event, no matter what variables were fired before it.

Linear: All variable values within the visit of the success event receive equal divided credit. If the success event was a currency amount, the currency is split. If it is a counter event, each conversion variable value receives a fraction of the single instance. These fractions are summed then rounded in reporting.

Allocation in Ad Hoc Analysis

Ad Hoc Analysis has the unique ability to report different allocations for conversion variables: the default allocation, last allocation, and linear allocation. If Ad Hoc Analysis is your organization's primary reporting tool, having all conversion variables set to first allocation gives you all available allocation values.

Allocation in Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse uses the same allocation settings as reports & analytics.

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