There are several different types of users that access the Adobe Marketing Cloud: Standard Users, Admin Users, Supported Users, and Customer Care. The following is a list and comparison between each of these types of users and what they are able to do.

Standard users

Many Analytics users are standard users, or non-admin users. They can only access items in marketing reports and analytics that permissions have granted them, such as accessing basic reports and dashboards. Standard users can:

  • Run reports in the marketing reports and analytics capability, and other capabilities if given proper permissions.
  • Schedule reports.
  • Build dashboards, calculated metrics, bookmarks, targets, and alerts.

Admin users

Every organization has at least one admin user. However, Adobe recommends that you have at least several. These users govern permissions for standard users. Generally, these users can:

  • Create and edit report suites.
  • Modify variable names and settings.
  • Configure SAINT classifications.
  • Edit or delete users and manage their permissions.
  • All other Admin Console settings.
  • Read user access logs.

Supported users

Supported users have no additional privileges within the Analytics interface. Instead, they receive additional privileges when interacting with Adobe Marketing Cloud Customer Care. These users are almost always admin users as well, as it helps Customer Care troubleshoot any issues. They can:

  • Create incidents in the Analytics interface.
  • Initiate a chat, email, or phone call with Customer Care.
  • Monitor the organization's open incidents with Customer Care.

Customer Care

Adobe representatives that specialize in Adobe Marketing Cloud products are titled Customer Care specialists. Because they provide support to all organizations, they can do the following:

  • Remove report suites from view within the Analytics interface.
  • Enable certain settings not available in Admin Tools.
  • Create data feeds.
  • Enabling of other tools and features as contractually required.

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