When using classifications, Adobe supports the capability to publish classifications to multiple report suites. This feature allows users to upload a single file and apply that classification simultaneously to many report suites.

Creating the classification structure

Adobe highly recommends including the same classification structure across report suites. To accomplish this task:

  1. Go to Admin > Report Suites.
  2. Ctrl+click or shift+click all desired report suites included in the classification.
  3. Go to Edit Settings > Conversion > Conversion Classifications.
    1. If all classifications are the same between report suites, proceed to step 4.
    2. If all classifications are not the same across report suites, you are presented with an error. Iterate through each report suite to make sure the classification names and structure match across the board.
  4. Create a classification under the desired variable. Click save.

Using the classification importer with multiple report suites

Classifying multiple report suite is supported in both the classification file importer and classification rule builder. To import files via the importer:

  1. Go to Admin > Classification Importer.
  2. Click the import file tab
  3. Click the FTP import tab. Browser import does not support multiple report suites.
  4. Click 'Add new'.
  5. In the new window, highlight each desired report suite and click the '>>' to move it to the Selected report suites column
  6. Once the FTP site has been created, follow the standard process to upload classification files via FTP.

Using the classification rule builder with multiple report suites

  1. Go to Admin > Classification Rule Builder.
  2. Click Add Rule Set.
  3. Once created, click the rule set name to edit it.
  4. Click the pencil next to 'Select report suites and variables'.
  5. In the new modal window, click Add for each report suite and variable to classify.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Follow the same process for using the classification rule builder.

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