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Why Adobe DataWarehouse export with week granularity shows Week 0 or Week 53?


While running an Adobe DataWarehouse report with weekly granularity, the week labels in the first column is numbered Week 0 or Week 35. That appears,when first or last weeks of a year are partial weeks.

In other words, there are 52 full weeks in the year. The first full, seven-days week (Sunday-Saturday) is "week 1," and the last full week is "week 52." If there is a partial week (e.g. Thursday, Jan. 1 through Sunday, Jan. 4) prior to the first full week, it is "week zero;" similarly, if there is a partial week after week 52, it is labeled "week 53."
You may notice that data for week 0/week 53 is lower than for other weeks of the year. This anomaly is expected since these "weeks" represent only partial weeks rather than full weeks.

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