Direct call rule is ideal for situation where you want to tell Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) exactly what is happening or when DTM cannot detect an event in the Document Object Model (DOM). For example, in page load using Ajax.

With new generation Tag Management system Launch by Adobe, you can pass additional information when firing the direct call rule _satellite.track function from page script like: 

 _satellite.track('directtest', {name: 'contact Form', Description:'Testing Parameter'} );

Additional information object can be accessed by two ways:

1. Entering %event.detail.yourObject% within a text field in a condition. Refer below screenshot:


2. Inside code editor in a custom code container, object can be accessed using event.detail.youObject. Refer screenshot of code editor for sample statement:

Editor Window

Server call generated from direct call rule will shows parameter as captured in screenshot below:

result server call