An update to ad hoc analysis released on April 7 2011 prevents users from executing segments that return too many results. This error affects users with large data sets, but can also affect users viewing long date ranges.

This error occurs when you use a segment with a rule that crawls through millions of unique items, then returns millions of matches. Some examples that can return a 327 error if your site receives a significant amount of traffic are as follows:

  • Referrer contains "."
  • Referrer contains "google"
  • Search Keyword contains "a"
You can easily resolve 327 errors by improving segment rules that return more efficient or fewer results. You can change these three rules to the following:
  • Referring domain is not null
  • Referring domain is ""
  • Use a processing rule to pass matches into a variable, and then segment off that variable
Alternative means to obtain specific data can be necessary if the "contains" operator cannot be avoided:
  • Use a shorter date range, so the segment sees fewer matches. If your site receives a substantial amount of traffic each day, inefficient segments still return error 327.
  • Use the data warehouse capability, which does not have a limit of segment complexity.

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