Learn how you can pull Analytics reports from your mobile device.

Many users want a way to access Analytics reports from their mobile device. The following methods allow you to obtain Analytics reports in a mobile-friendly format.

  • Publish Report Builder workbooks to PowerBI: Analysts and marketers can build dashboards using Report Builder, then publish them to PowerBI. Accessing the dashboard via PowerBI allows the user to retrieve, refresh, and update data anytime they would like.
  • Email Analysis Workspace PDF's to yourself: While PDF attachments are not interactive, this method is an easy and convenient way to view reports on mobile devices. While in Analysis Workspace, share the project to yourself via email, then access your email from your mobile device.
  • Connect with 3rd-party apps: Some mobile applications use the Adobe Analytics API to display mobile-friendly reports.
  • Custom mobile reporting app via Adobe Engineering Services: Get a mobile reporting app tailor-made just for your organization. Reach out to your organization's Account Manager to establish business requirements and pricing.

A native iOS mobile reporting app was sunset in 2015, due to low adoption and incompatibility with OS updates. Adobe is researching requirements and resources to create a new native mobile app, but has not released an ETA.

Do you have a custom method to obtain Analytics reports on your mobile device? Share it in the Adobe Analytics community.

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