You must have access to the Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) rule creation tool to be able to fire list variables (s.list1, s.list2, and so on) through a custom code in the call.
  1. Log on to with your DTM credentials or navigate to Marketing Cloud ( > Activation > Dynamic Tag ManagementLaunch.

  2. Select your organization from the Filter By Company Name list.



    This page is visible only if you have access to multiple companies.

  3. Select the required web property from the Filter By Property Name list.

  4. From the Rules tab, click the rule on which you want to implement list variables. 

  5. Select the call from the Adobe Analytics accordion.

  6. From the Custom Page Code section, click the Open Editor button.

  7. Enter the following custom code for the list variable to be fetched in the image request:

    var _sd_list = "cat"'; 
    _satellite. noti fy(_sd_list, 3); s. linkTrackVars=" listl"; 
    s.listl = _sd_list; 

    In the code, a static value is assigned to the _sd_list variable and then to s.list1.

  8. The following image request appears after the site is executed.



    You can create a data element to allocate a dynamic value and set the value of the list variable as displayed in the code.

    s. listl = _satellite. getvar( "%Data_Element_Name%");


    In rules where is the Adobe Analytics call, DTM does not detect that any variable (s.list1, s.eVar1, and so on) and event declared has been set to s.linkTrackVars and s.linkTrackEvents respectively. Thus, the variables s.linkTrackVars and s.linkTrackEvents must also be updated for all the variables and events declared in the custom code.

    s.linkTrackVars="eVarl, listl,events"
    s.evarl="value A" 
    s.listl="value B" 

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