Basic FPSSL Implementation Flow and Steps Required


Below are the steps to set up first party cookie implementation through SKMS

For site:

Secure host name: for https pages tracking
Non-secure host name: for http pages tracking

First party setup would be created for these host names. These host names would later be used in implementation.


  • Adobe ClientCare team requires to create first cookie party setup based on FPC request form. After first party setup is created, Cname details are shared which are then configured by customer on your DNS server(s) through their IT.


Secure host name and Cname would be in-active unless SSL certificate is uploaded so no traffic has to be pointed to secure host name or Cname records.

  • Available Options to Issue and Install SSL certificate.

a) Adobe Manage Certificate (AMC) Program

The AMC program is recommended by Adobe as this new program aims to eliminate much work and confusion experienced by clients when implementing first party cookies.  After enrolling to this program, Adobe will purchase & issue certificate to install on secure servers. No added cost involved for AMC program or SSL certificate.

Pre-requisite: Cname is configured first before enrolling to this program
Help link:

b) Legacy Installation Option

Post setup is created.  ClientCare is required to share CSR form with customer for them to purchase SSL certificate through their CA and share with Adobe.

Pre-requisite: Certificate supports 11 server(s) licensing for RDC and 2 server(s) licensing for Non-RDC setup. Certificate is generated for Apache/Tomcat server for Linux platform.
Help link:


SSL maintenance & installation only happens on Thursday release which starts after 5 pm MST. Required certificate is uploaded to maintenance queue before upload deadline of Tuesday 3 pm MST of current week.
Once certificate is live and installed on the server, ClientCare team has to share FPSSL implementation details. This process of setting up FPSSL can take up to two weeks time based on available maintenance. 

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