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Adobe Clientcare has shared the endpoint URL. How to proceed further?


The URL is the endpoint for the Livestream API.  Develop application to consume or present the data from Livestream. In the meantime, access data via HTTP GET request. Below is the quick summary of how to get a stream of data from Livestream API, using a simple tool such as cURL.

Obtain access token

Example request:

curl -i -v "https://api.omniture.com/token" -u '[YOUR_CLIENT_ID]:[YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET]' -d "grant_type=client_credentials"

Example response. Capture the access_token value from the response to use in Step 2:

{"access_token":"1377794057309-32431c48-1de8-46cd-a204-ef10594c01a6","client_id":"Livestream API”,"user_id":"002D48475194FBF10A490D04@AdobeID","expires":1377880457,"scope":null,"success":true} 

Connect to Analytics Livestream using HTTP GET request

Example request:

curl --location --compressed --header “Authorization: Bearer [ACCESS_TOKEN][LIVESTREAM_URL]

Example using [ACCESS_TOKEN] generated from the completion of Step 1:

curl --location --compressed --header “Authorization: Bearer 1377794057309-32431c48-1de8-46cd-a204-ef10594c01a6” "https://livestream.adobe.net/api/1/stream/examplestreamaddress"

Documentation also contains a sample output below the list of metrics and dimensions available via Livestream API. There is also a list error codes with a brief explanation.

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