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1): Why and from where, high link clicks for adb_acq_v3 marketing link builder on an app are coming, when no such link has been created?



2): What happens if an app is on lower SDK version but still have marketing link builder! Do hit get recorded?


Answer to both the questions are as below.

As shown in https://marketing.adobe.com/resources/help/en_US/mobile/c_acquisition_prerequisites.html, there are three types of acquisition link. For tracking purpose SDK needs a way to determine which type of acquisition link is used.

For manual link and marketing link, it automatically appends 'utm_campaign%3Dadb_acq_v3%26utm_source%3Dadb_acq_v3' to the app store URLs, to differentiate the link from legacy acquisition links.

But from SDK side, the older version of SDK doesn't have an ability to differentiate them. So if version 4.4.2 Android™SDK is being used, then it considers all kinds of links as legacy links and handle it in an old way. So it treats the flag that are added into the link as real data and collect them and won't be able to correctly track the marketing link.

If user want to make it works for marketing link, then have to update the SDK to something higher than 4.9.

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