Educate new and existing users how to properly request a license for Adobe Analytics Premium solution, Data Workbench


Analytics Premium

Data Workbench


​If you are an Adobe employee or a customer that has purchased Analytics Premium, you are entitled to a license to run Data Workbench. You can get a head start and install the client software even if your server installation isn't finished yet.

Licenses are given out on a 'per user' basis, meaning a single user is entitled to multiple certificates if they have more than one machine. The end users must not share their license with anybody. Adobe reserves the right to do an audit of a company's license allotment at any point.

Until the time your Adobe ID can be used to authenticate your Data Workbench installation, follow the below steps.

  1. Ensure that you are a supported user with Adobe's Digital Marketing Cloud Customer Care Team so that you can file a ticket for yourself or another user in your company.

  2. File a request by sending an email to


    If you are an Adobe employee, each employee must reach out individually. You cannot request a license on the behalf of another employee.

    Shortly after, a response to your email is sent, with a reference number for tracking purposes.

    Within 24 hours, another email is sent confirming your license has been created and is ready for download.

    For security purposes, the login credentials are sent to your CSM who can securely get them over to you, ideally by telephone or in person.


    If you are an Adobe Employee, a separate email with your credentials is emailed to you directly.

  3. Once Authenticated, you can download your license and move it into your Certificates Directory once you have run the generic installer. Directions can be found here.

    You can now, successfully launch Data Workbench.

Additional information

After that, you can successfully launch Data Workbench. For more information, don't hesitate to reach out to Adobe Marketing Cloud Customer Care.

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