How to upload Numeric/Currency event via Full processing Data Source?


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How to upload Numeric, Currency or Counter (more that 1) events for full processing Data Source?


Full processing only supports legacy event list formats excluding the numeric/currency/Counter(more than 1) event value directly in the events list, that is eventNN,eventKK not eventNN=#.##. It means that it only supports counter event if it is passed in events column in data source file and it increments by 1.

If numeric, currency or counter(more than 1) events need to be passed, then it must be placed in the product list like s.products="Footwear;Running Shoes;1;99.99;event1=4.50" or s.products="Footwear;Running Shoes;1;99.99;event1=4.50|event4=1.99"

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