When you try to save a segment in Discover with incompatible elements, the following error appears:

"There are incompatible elements in this segment. An element in the segment you are trying to open or save is not compatible between Adobe Analytics and Ad Hoc Analysis. Please remove it and try again."


This error occurs when you try to save a segment in the Data Warehouse folder where the segment contains elements not compatible with Data Warehouse. To resolve this error, do one of two things:

Save the segment in a different folder.

Remove or change the incompatible portions of the segment.

Incompatible elements

Some common items that are not compatible between Data Warehouse and Ad Hoc Analysis:

  • eVar Instances (standard eVar breakdowns are compatible)
  • Date breakdowns
  • Hierarchy breakdowns
  • Entry or Exit breakdowns (except if using Page)


This list is NOT comprehensive, but merely acts as a guideline for incompatible elements.


Since the initial release of version 15, platform enhancements have been included in Data Warehouse that introduces many of the same segmentation elements as Ad Hoc Analysis. Because of these improvements, this error occurs less frequently than before v15's release.

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