If you are unable to locate a report, use the following steps to find it.

Use Search

After clicking 'View All Reports', a search bar appears that lets you search all report names for that report suite. The search can be used either for the report name or variable it is based on. For example, if you have eVar1 collecting all internal search terms, using the search term "internal" or "evar1" displays the desired report in search results.

If the search term is correct but the report still can't be located

If you know for a fact that your search term is correct, but the report you're looking for doesn't appear in search results:

  • Check to make sure you're in the right report suite. Every report suite can have different report names and report folder structures.
  • Account permissions can be modified to include or exclude specific reports within a report suite. If you are not an admin, check with one to make sure that you have access to that report. 
  • Admin users can toggle visibility on any report. Under Report Suite settings in the Admin Console, go to Edit Settings > General > Customize Menu to check if the report in question has been hidden.



  1. Restore Default Menu Settings.
    • Please have the client do this themselves as they will have to redo all other menu customizations.
  2. Restore Report using a Custom Report

Steps (for solution 2):

  1. Find a Report Suite that has the desired report available in the menu structure.
  2. Run the Report (in this other Report Suite).
  3. Change the Report Suite back to the Report Suite in question.
  4. Create a Custom Report (More Actions > Create Custom Report)
  5. Use the Custom Menu Tool (Path above) to place the newly created Custom Report in the desired (default) location in the menu structure.

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