If you have used a segment in the past but can't find it, review the following tips to locate it.

Potential reasons for missing segments

  • User created it under a different report suite: In the segments left bar, there is a check box to display only segments for the current report suite. If you are in a different report suite than when the segment is created, deselect this check box.
  • Solution compatibility: Some segment definitions cannot be used across all Adobe Analytics capabilities. If you find that a segment is missing in only one capability, such as Data Warehouse, check the segment definition. Make sure that the Product Compatibility list when you are editing the segment in question includes all desired capabilities.
  • Shared segment unshared or deleted: If the segment in question was a shared segment, contact the segment creator that shared it with you. Make sure that they did not unshare or delete the segment in question.

Locate a lost segment

If you have partial information on what segment you're looking for, such as the title of the segment or the user who created it, go to Components > Manage Segments. There are several tools available to help you locate the segment in question:

  • Use the search bar for segments whose title you can remember.
  • Use the filters in the left bar to locate segments based on report suite, owners, tags, and others.
  • If you created the segment, click 'Other Filters' then select 'Mine'.

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