Sometimes Marketing Channel processing rules are set up incorrectly, and it's necessary to change the processing rules. After applying the changes, you can see some metrics still attribute data to an incorrect channel. There are several things to consider:

  • Marketing Channel data is collected in real time: Marketing channel data is processed upon data collection, and is 100% permanent. Changing processing rules do not affect data retroactively.
  • Changing processing rules do not immediately affect First Touch data: For example:
    1. A user comes in through your email channel because it was set up incorrectly, then leaves your site.
    2. The next day, you change your email processing rule to correct it.
    3. That user comes back several days later through natural search and makes a purchase.
    4. The email channel gets First Touch credit and natural search gets Last Touch credit.
    • Even several days after you changed your processing rules, data can still be collected in the wrong First Touch channel. First touch data continually collects in the incorrect channel until all users' visitor engagement expires.

The best way to remedy these discrepancies is to do one or both of the following:

  • Manually expire all visitor engagement periods: This setting instantly expires all first and last touch channels across all visitors: 
    • Go to Admin Tools > Report Suites.
    • Hover over Image Edit Settings > Marketing Channels > Visitor Engagement Expiration
    • Click Expire All.
    • Click OK to the warning pop-up window, acknowledging that you understand what it is going to do.
  • Only view Last Touch metrics from the time you corrected your rules forward: Last Touch metrics always follow the current ruleset. Viewing the time from when you changed processing rules forward correctly reflects the most current processing rules.

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